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Lichidare Stoc - Lichidare Stoc
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Lichidare Stoc

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Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
TP124-xx TP124-xx Outdoor 4-way tap xx dB Detalii produs
TP122-xx TP122-xx Outdoor 2-way tap xx dB Detalii produs
Stoc Nou Cabluri Optice stoc-cablu-optic Stoc Nou Cabluri Optice ADSS CORNING și OFS Detalii produs
Sony BVS-3100P BVS-3100P Sony BVS-3100P Video Switcher Detalii produs
SI-715-QR SI-715-QR Splice connector for 715 QR type cables Detalii produs
RG6 Crimp Connector F17-Z-RG6 - One-piece crimp design, eliminates lost or mismatched components - Free spinning nut, 11mm hexagon (7/16-inch compatible) - Up to 3GHz with excellent overall performance - RoHS Compliant - All facilities meet ISO 9001 standards Detalii produs
PROMAX CV-245 2.4 GHz Band Converter CV-245 Converts signals from ISM 2.4 GHz to IF satellite band Supply from the signal level meter Detalii produs
PCT-1000-8W 1000-8W SPLITTER INTERIOR CU 8 CĂI 1GHz Detalii produs
Pachet stoc cabluri optice pachet-stoc-cablu-optic Pachet stoc cabluri optice! Detalii produs
OFS cable A-DQ2Y 6.3mm diam A-DQ2Y OFS cable A-DQ2Y 6.3mm diam. Detalii produs
MX-008 DVB TS Re-Multiplexer MX008 MX-008 DVB TS Re-Multiplexer, 8 ASI inputs, 2 ASI outputs Detalii produs
Modul CryptoWorks CAM CryptoWorks Modul CryptoWorks Detalii produs
MINIFLEX™ PROTECTION TUBE miniflex-tube Miniflex™ Tube (formerly known as OFPT) is a fl exible tube made from tough polymers to protect optical fi bres. Detalii produs
MiDia® FX Dry Core Cable midia-fx-core-cable Loose Tube Fibre Optic Outdoor Cable 6 Element All Dielectric Design MiDia® FX Dry Core Cable Detalii produs
Micro Cables - made by CORNING and OFS Micro-Cables Micro Cables - made by CORNING and OFS Livrare din stoc în max 2 zile Detalii produs
Media Convertoare RAYCORE RC-OE1A-B1M2-BNWV Media Convertoare Fast Ethernet(10/100M) pentru fibra optica Detalii produs
MBC6 MBC-6 MS acumulator charger Detalii produs
LRC Augat LRCCA1 Snap-N-Seal Installation Tool Detalii produs
Indoor Fibre Distribution FTTH TerminalBox FTTH-Terminal-Box-4F Indoor Fibre Distribution FTTH TerminalBox Detalii produs
GIS05 - GALVANIC ISOLATOR GIS05 Galvanic isolators are used to galvanically isolate coaxial access network from subscribers premises. Detalii produs
FTTH Distribution Box FTTH-Distribution-Box-24F FTTH Distribution Box Detalii produs
FO Outdoor wbKT S-Micro / A-DQ(ZN)2Y wbKT-S-Micro-A-DQ(ZN)2Y Highly compact, metal-free fibre optic outdoor cable containing up to 216 fibres with dry interstices and stranded loose tubes. Detalii produs
F677TSVM HDC 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable F677TSVM HDC F677TSVM HDC - 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable - Drop Cable Detalii produs
F660BVM 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable F660BVM F660BVM - 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable - Drop Cable Detalii produs

Featured Products

SURFboard SB5101E - Second Hand

Call for Pricing
SURFboard SB5101E - Second Hand

Motorola’s next-generation SURFboard SB5101E cable modem incorporates

MX-008 DVB TS Re-Multiplexer

Call for Pricing
MX-008 DVB TS Re-Multiplexer

MX-008 DVB TS Re-Multiplexer, 8 ASI inputs, 2 ASI outputs


Call for Pricing

CW-4511.10 MPEG-4 Encoder H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC) SD/HD encoder with IP output


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CW-4987 MPEG-2 Encoder Duo Two independent MPEG-2 encoders with composite video input and IP output

SURFboard SBV6120E

Call for Pricing
SURFboard SBV6120E

SURFboard Digital Voice Modem (SBV6120E)