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Lichidare Stoc - Lichidare Stoc - TVQ 04 - QUATTRO converter (use with TOL32)
DSAM 6300RG6 Crimp Connector

TVQ 04 - QUATTRO converter (use with TOL32)
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TVQ 04 - QUATTRO converter (use with TOL32)

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Product description:
TVQ 04 - Virtual Quattro converter
The Virtual Converter performs a de-stacking frequency conversion, and outputs four individual polarity lines for driving a multi switch (QUATTRO version). Converts optical SAT-IF signals into IF. 
• Converts frequency stacked optical SAT-IF signals into IF 
• Solutions for both direct STB connection (TVC) and multi switch use (TVQ)
• Supports from single direct connection and up to a 32 way passive optical network 
• Requires an optical LNB (TOL32) front-end 
• 4 polarities in one single fibre optical cable

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