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A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 1x12 G652DNFC4W 15 1500W

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The VSE-1100 helps cable service providers maintain optimal network performance with video and spectrum analysis for fast and easy preventive maintenance and troubleshooting. Innovative upstream test modes speed troubleshooting to shorten mean time to repair. A tablet user interface and measurement engine simplify operation and remote test capabilities.
The industry’s first ground-up integrated spectrum and video platform for service-layer to physical-layer testing designed specifically for cable applications
The fastest and most powerful upstream verification and troubleshooting capabilities found in an analyzer platform
Makes every technician an expert—solves complex problems with the most intuitive user interface available
The industry’s smallest and lightest digital spectrum video analyzer platform—for the headend/hubsite and the field
Rapid and consistent rollout and troubleshooting verification of CCAP and RemotePHY applications
Fast troubleshooting as technicians work across network segments, solving issues quickly and completely—the first time
Collaborative MPEG and RF analysis—reducing MTTR by letting techs track issues through the network
Objective and quick segmentation of service-impacting upstream issues that affect end-customer experience
Clearly-indicated impulse noise and ingress to significantly speed resolving intermittent issues
Key Features
Real-time JDSU Hyper-Spectrum™ overlapping FFT analysis instantly detects any transient interference and noise
Portable MACTrak™ demodulates upstream signals to detect code word errors and linear distortions
AutoChannel™ delivers content-intelligent tuning through an innovative method of automatic channel program detection and channel plan building.
MPEG error visibility with live transport-stream display and post-capture analysis helps troubleshoot difficult video issues
One-screen display shows all spectrum, level, and MER measurements of all channels (the world’s first)
In-band and in-service fault measurements that standard spectrum analysis tools frequently miss, reducing repeat rates

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