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Lichidare Stoc - Lichidare Stoc - diVISION VDT 9030B / VDT 9040B
Motorola SVG1501EPCTTP21208

diVISION VDT 9030B / VDT 9040B
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diVISION VDT 9030B / VDT 9040B

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diVISION VDT 9030B / VDT 9040B

Fully compilant with MPEG-2 & DVB
Smart Cart interface for embedded Conax
Input freqvency 145 - 863 MHz
One input tuner with loop through IF signal
Supports DVB-T modulation schemes: QPSK, 16-QAM an 64-QAM
Implements non-hierarchical and hierarchical 2K and 8K system operation
Auto scan
Quick channel changing
Max. 4000 channel (TV & radio) programmable
User friendly 256 colors OSD & easy GUI
Various OSD languages supported
Supports EPG.
Supports Teletext, Subtitle using OSD
Radio channel background display
Favorite Channel List programmable
Parental Lock function
20-Step volume control
Automatic detection of Forward Error Correction
Window based S/W download program supported by RS232 serial port
4:3, 16:9, Letter Box
7 Segment-4 Digit Display
Three keys on the front panel (Power, Channel Up/Down)
(Volume Up/Down buttons are optional)
Two SCART outputs for TV & VCR
Three RCA outputs for Video, Audio L/R
S/PDIF output for digital audio
Built-in Help System

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