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1   Link   PCT - International
PCT International, Inc. is a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of last mile and access network solutions for broadband communication networks. PCT focuses on innovative and cost-effective solutions that allow service providers to improve system integrity and expand service offerings. PCT's portfolio includes transmission, connectivity, metro Ethernet and Fiber to the Home products for cable, telco and satellite service providers. PCT’s four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and dedicated workforce offer our operator customers the quality, service and pricing benefits of global scale and local focus. Additionally, PCT maintains multi-international locations to support worldwide R&D, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution of products and services.
2   Link   PROMAX Electronics
PROMAX was founded in 1963 by Jose Clotet in Barcelona. The company's firsts developments included instruments to generate television and radio signals and analysers to check the reception quality.

Today, PROMAX is a leading company in providing test and measurement solutions worldwide to support the information technology revolution. The company invests about 15% of its annual turnover in Research & Development.
CableWorld Ltd. started its activity in 1992 with developing and manufacturing professional analogue cable TV headends and systems. For the present several hundred analogue CableWorld headends are working in Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Romania and other countries; the larger ones supplying 65-70 TV channels to 100-150 thousand subscribers.

Having realized the potential of digital technology, CableWorld started developing devices for digital television as early as the end of the '90-ies. The goal was creating a unique solution, which permits to actively involve other companies of similar scope of activity in common developing and system building. The result of these developing efforts is a digital product family being controlled and managed by CW-Net, to provide solution to all tasks of digital television technology.
4   Link   RAYCORE
Raycore Fiber Optic Solutions AB is also present in Asia. Since 2009 we have a partner and daughter company, Raycore Taiwan Co. Ltd. based in the middle of the FTTH cluster in Taiwan. Not only is Raycore in Taiwan acting as a technology and sourcing center for the whole Raycore group, but as a local sales channel of FTTH and CATV related equipment to customers in the Taiwanes and other Asian markets.
The Raycore Taiwan team all has got a genuine fiber and FTTH knowledge aquired through earlier key positions at AOI, UMEC and JDSU-Uniphase.
5   Link   COMTECH
Comtech Ltd. was founded in 1990 as a 100 percent Hungarian private property company. The company produces cable television equipments. Our premise and production area is situated in Hungary, Győr. The number of employees is around 50.

We produce the total range of active HFC elements, for example: optical nodes and headend optical transmitters and receivers, trunk-, line-, house amplifiers. We also produce Headend RF signal organizer products which help to handle the return paths data transfer. Our most successful product is our network-management system which can be built in all of our products. It helps the economical and reliable operation of interactive HFC networks assured by „triple play” function.
6   Link   KABELKOM
KABELKOM company was founded in 1992 and has been operating successfully on the Polish market and abroad. Our strategic partner is KABELKON KFT in Hungary. We are a distributor of equipment for cable television, as well as an exporter of such equipment to foreign markets.

We mainly distribute measuring devices manufactured by the company: ACTERNA (formerly Wavetek Wandel & Goltermann) and PROMAX Electronica SA We also sell: Uninterruptible power supplies and bus stations and major PK Electronics Alpha Cable headends's World, as well as cables, CommScope.

The company provides warranty service and calibration of equipment sold. Kabelkom acting in cooperation with the company is a distributor Zone Vision set-top boxes to receive encrypted satellite channels such as Discovery Channel, Discovery Sci-Trek, Discovery Civilization, Discovery Travel & Adventure, Animal Planet, Romantica, Reality TV, Hallmark ...

© 2001 by Kabelkom Trading and Consulting Ltd.
CATV Systems and Equipment
7   Link   Safeview Tv
SAFEVIEW is a global provider of business solutions for digital TV with more than 80 customers in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Safeview develops and integrates its own and third party products in solutions that cover the complete digital TV value chain. Our offering comprises from the conditional access system that resides in the set to box to the backoffice applications that ensure a seamless integration with Customer relationship management (CRM) and pre or postpaid billing systems.

The company has commercial delegations in Argentina, India and USA.
The Alpha Group represents an alliance of independent companies united by a common goal: the development and manufacture of total power solutions.

Through innovative engineering and a commitment to excellence, The Alpha Group has established itself as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of AC and DC power conversion, protection, and standby products for the global market. The sophistication of today's world has created a demand for reliable power more critical than ever before. With more than 30 years of aggressive research and development, The Alpha Group can ensure fast effective solutions. The Alpha Group products can be found in a diverse field of industries including cable broadband , telecom, wireless, WiMax, headend, renewable energy, utility, industrial, medical, security, parking, traffic control, access control and commdata.
9   Link   JDSU
JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU; and TSX: JDU) enables broadband and optical innovation in the communications, commercial and consumer markets. JDSU is the leading provider of communications test and measurement solutions and optical products for telecommunications service providers, cable operators, network equipment manufacturers and enterprise customers. JDSU is also a leading provider of innovative optical solutions for medical/environmental instrumentation, semiconductor processing, display, brand authentication, aerospace and defense, and decorative applications.
10   Link   POLYTRON
The core of our philosophy is uncompromised quality. Therefore POYLTRON will continue to rely on its in-house development and production in Germany. Beside all manufacturing steps at the production site Bad Wildbad, Germany also the part suppliers are controlled continuously.
Innovative concepts, modern production processes and a strict quality control ensure that we can offer extraordinary quality at reasonable prices to our customers.