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SDA-5500 Stealth Sweep Transceiver
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SDA-5500 Stealth Sweep Transceiver

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JDSU / Acterna SDA-5500 Stealth Sweep Transceiver

The JDSU / Acterna SDA-5000 Series of Stealth Digital Analyzers provides a lightweight, weather resistant, rugged, and affordable single instrument with the versatility to test the latest digital services as well as the ideal device for maintaining the analog spectrum. The SDA Series provides seamless forward and return path testing as well as advanced digital testing. A host of invaluable extra options such as QAM analysis and PathTrak Field View are available, enabling the SDA Series to be customized for both the cable operators network technology level and budget.

JDSU / Acterna SDA-5500 Features:

* Offers unmatched measurement performance for digital video, data, and traditional analog services in a single instrument
* Increases the efficiency of service calls and reduces troubleshooting time
* Ensures HFC network integrity with the Acterna non-interfering forward and reverse sweep system compatible with todays digital signals
* Enables easy preparation of networks for interactive services with a 5 MHz to 1000 MHz, fast, sensitive spectrum analyzer
* Delivers comprehensive testing of forward and reverse digital services including optional QAM analysis
* Ensures full in-service proof-of-performance with automated tests
* Rugged, weather-resistant, and lightweight

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