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Sisteme de Monitorizare
Sisteme de Monitorizare
ReFreeT2 DVB T2 Measurement Receiver PDF Imprimare Email


ENENSYS ReFeree T2 allows to monitor DVB-T and DVB-T2 parameters (RF, T2 frame structure, PLP parameters), whatever the DVB-T (MFN/SFN...) or DVB-T2 transmission mode (Single PLP, Multi PLP, SFN/MISO. ..).

ReFree DVB T2 Measurement Receiver

As forerunner on DVB-T2, ENENSYS proposes a real time application, capable to monitor simultaneous RF signal & Transport Stream content. Monitoring screens can be totally customized.

In its basic version, the ReFeree T2 features live stream capture capabilities for baseband stream (T2-MI or MPEG2-TS) recording. The application also integrates a video decoder enabling real-time decoding of any unencrypted services (SD, HD MPEG-2/4, H264) within the DVB-T2 stream.

To facilitate your analysis, ENENSYS RFScope plug-in includes a specific screen gathering the main RF parameters in real-time: Rotated Constellation, Impulse response, SNR level, LDPC iterations, BER monitoring... Depending on the received signal, this screen automatically adapts to DVB-T or DVB-T2 parameters.

With the TS Analyzer plug-in, the Transport Stream carried by the DVB-T signal, or even contained inside the selected PLP of the DVB-T2 stream can be analyzed. PSI/SI tables are parsed and displayed (including Private Table parsing). The 3 priority levels of ETR290 are implemented. Bitrate can be monitored globally and for each service. Customizable alarms are also available.

Finally, the DVB-T2 standard has defined the DVB-T2 Modulator Interface, or T2-MI. The T2MI plug-in software gives access to the most complete T2MI Multi-PLP analyzer: L1 specific screen (pre & post signalling), T2 Frame composition, T2 timestamp, ... Detailed information on DVB-T2 Modulator interface (T2-MI) is available on the web site in the blue book section: Modulator Interface (T2-MI) for a second generation digital terrestrial television broadcasting system (DVB-T2), ref A136.


Comes bundled with DiviSuite  Acquisition, Decoding and Recording/Playback  Software. Plu-ins can be ordered separately, according to customer requirements: only choose what you need. Any proposed plug-in can be mounted later on.


- 1x DVB-T2 / DVB-T  RF input

- 1x DVB-ASI  TS input (Simple TS or T2MI over ASI)

- 1pps + 10MHz + GPS inputs for measurements based on external references(future use)

- TS over IP input

- USB connector for connection to Laptop (Self powered over USB Bus)




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PathTrak Video PDF Imprimare Email

PathTrak Video  PathTrak Video

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Sisteme de Monitorizare PDF Imprimare Email

Sistem de monitorizare Sistem de monitorizare a componentelor active în reţele CATV cu servicii adăugate.

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